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Dee Vickery: Endorsements


Word of Reference for Dee Vickery
By David Mayer
Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran Church
Hondo, Texas

I would like to present and recommend Dee Vickery as a minister to broken hearts and
lives and to those seeking the joy of the Lord in Jesus Christ. Dee Vickery has
ministered twice at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Hondo, Texas. She has a beautiful
singing ministry. However, her most powerful work is giving her testimony and helping
those who have struggled with abuse. Dee Vickery understands this very clearly as she
has come out an abusive relationship by the Lord's hand of rescue.

The Lord has not only used this experience to give Dee a heart for others with similar
experiences, He has given Dee a deep understanding for the abused and abuser. What
is more important, the Lord has given Dee a life call and desire to help people through
education, a word of hope and the power of prayer. The Lord has laid it upon Dee's
heart to establish places of refuge for the abused and is looking for those who will join
her by supporting this dream. Dee has been called to a work that I do not have the life
experience or gifts to do. I thank the Lord there are people like Dee who can fight in the
trenches of brokenness and lead the hurting to health and happiness in Jesus Christ.
In Christ,
Pastor David Mayer

“Over the last year and a half, Dee has ministered to our Ministries: Faith Fellowship Chapel, Addiction Recovery Ministries, Wellness Coalition and City Wide Youth outreach Ministries (IMPACT). We have seen her ministry versatility in the Word and music flow with our visions, so we consider her as a partner in our outreach to our community.”
Ted Oliver, Pastor, Faith Fellowship Chapel
Mineral Wells, Texas

“When a pastor hears about a group or singer to sing at his church, there is many disconcerting thoughts about what to expect, what will be featured, what false doctrinal thing will be said, what confusing comments. For those as conservative and fundamental as I, not to worry, Dee was professional, biblical, challenging with a powerful message in a loving way. It was awesome, I will have her back and we again will be looking for God to meet with us as he did in the last concert. Thanks for your love for God, your spirit of servant hood, your humility, patience and professional presentation. It was again perfect, moving, challenging, blessing and wonderful to be in the house of God.”
Pastor Tim White, First Baptist Church, Eula Texas

“Want to Feel what we Believe
As Christians we all love our Lord Jesus Christ, especially this time of year. Well we can say that we balance it all year but today we see and feel that relationship closer. As Christians, we also need a little shot of excitement that we sometimes feel we need in that relationship with God. Now, that is not bad; our Lord knows we are human and God sent his Son to help each of us realize our firm Belief system. But we need help and I believe it is people like Dee Vickery’s Ministry that give us that moment of excitement that our Churches can take and act upon. Our congregations need the feeling of NOW, not LATER. Dee brings to you that moment of conviction without fear. She enables us to remember our calling to make disciples and does it in a way of the love of Jesus Christ.
I highly would recommend to you Dee Vickery’s Ministry. She will get your Church excited about being who they are; CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS. May God continue to bless her Ministry and her team who will love us to Victory.”
Rev. Charles Parker (retired United Methodist Clergy)
Vice Chair Equitable Salaries Southwest Texas Conference
United Methodist Church

“To whom it may concern:

I want to take this opportunity to give my highest regards and
recommendation concerning Dee Vickery and her ministry! She came to us
about a year ago and gave us a great service.

I pastor Oasis of Grace, Graham, Texas. We enjoyed her ministry and
her teaching and preaching. I believe she is a solid, Biblically
correct and passionate for Christ and souls, minister of the Gospel of
Jesus Christ. We plan to have her back soon and recommend her to all.
You may reach me on my cell phone at 940-521-1766, or email at
. This lady is the real deal, if you know what
I mean. No hype, just a solid ministry.”
Be blessed,
Larry R. Milhollon

“1 Stranger+1 Encounter+1 Gospel=1 Healed
Dee Vickery and I were complete strangers that had a God-ordained Encounter where she emanated the Word of God unaware, which produced a healed, made whole ME!
Whether you’ve known Dee for years or if you meet her for the first time you will find a down-to-earth, real, and humbled “God Chaser” that is on a mission to share the Gospel with others in a way that totally disrupts “life as normal;” the Lord uses her to cause a hunger for HIM like no other.
Warning: Bringing Dee to His people in your church will become habit forming because it is Jesus that everyone sees and HE is addictive!!”
Kathy Britsch, Ministry Coordinator-Dee Vickery Ministries
“Dee taught us though the Word and song how to dig deeper in order to go higher with God. She showed us how to worship at His feet, to seek His face and to find our place in Him. When we find that place, we can have what is in His hand. And we can serve Him better. We were blessed. Dee is a beautiful servant and minister for the Lord.
We are looking forward to having Dee come minister again in October 2012.”
Jan Moore, President of Canyon Lake Aglow Lighthouse. Canyon Lake, Texas

“The power of Dee's message comes from Christ; but the wisdom of Dee's message is through the ministry she has received through the Holy Spirit. Moreover what Dee says is transformative for those who have experienced abuse or in abusive situations. I particularly appreciated her wisdom for teens and how to avoid abusive dating relationships.”
Nicholle Franke, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Youth Pastor, Hondo, Texas
David Mayer Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran Church Hondo, TX - Pastor's Endorsements (Aug 17, 2012)