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Dee Vickery’s testimony is not one of just a single encounter with the God of all glory but one that’s ongoing, radical and supernatural that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!

From the barroom, as a professional entertainer, to the Throne room of God; from an altar of witchcraft to the foot of the Cross; from a victim of domestic violence to Victor in Christ, her radical conversion experience with God, when she made Jesus her Lord and Savior back in 1978, set the course for what she calls “one wild ride’! Her greatest testimonies are of the encounters she’s had with God and the miracles she’s experienced AFTER she was born again.

In her own words, “when I encountered the forgiveness and love of the Savior He put a fire in me that has never cooled off! I never was, and with the help of Holy Spirit, never will be content for anything less than what the Blood of Christ purchased for me! I’ll never be content to be a pew sitter! There’s too many people who need that radical encounter with the Father!”

Dee Vickery not only has a powerful, anointed singing voice but she carries a radical message of the goodness and love of God, a message of how to step into your Authentic Identity (what God says about you), of how to be a Faith Walker and how to walk in the God-given authority of the Believer.

Dee Vickery’s life has been marked by supernatural signs, wonders and miracles! While so many ministers may only be able to share the Word of God from a place of “theory”, void of any personal experiences, Dee lives it!

Because of her passion for Jesus and for people and because of Who lives on the inside of Dee, she is a pack of dynamite ready to explode the Word of God and God-encounters wherever she goes, whether on the streets or behind a pulpit. To watch the interaction between her and God, when she’s ministering, is interesting, and often amusing and fun. There’s no telling what will happen!

Sister Dee is founder and CEO of Dee Vickery Ministries. Some of the outreaches of this ministry are: Abigail’s House which is a place of healing and restoration for folks from all walks of life, including ministering to women in ministry; Love Encounters, which is a weekend encounter for women with the Father, up close and personal! Not one person leaves unchanged and unmarked. DVM sponsors and hosts these Love Encounters all over Texas; Off the Beaten Path Ministries, a ministry to those (both male and female) who have been affected by any kind of abuse); a Mentoring Program where both men and women receive healing and restoration, and are equipped and empowered to not only get healed but stay healed so they can walk in their Kingdom assignment and destiny as powerful members of the Body of Christ!

Dee Vickery is available to minister the Word of God in an unusual and powerful way as a traveling minister, Conference Speaker or to give concerts. If your church or organization is hungry for the “more” of God, and you’d like Sister Dee to come to your church or organization, or if you would like more information about her ministry, you may contact Dee Vickery Ministries at 210-355-8023.

You can find a more detailed version of her bio and testimony on her web page:  (which is undergoing a major overhaul right now so be patient). Also be sure to check out her FB pages  and

Remember! God loves you and He thinks you’re amazing!!!

BJ & Major